Whether you are a resident of Fehmarn or just came for vacation – enjoy your time on this beautiful island in the Baltic Sea. Fehmarn offers plenty of nice things that make it possible to relax, refill your batteries, and have much fun. It’s a great place to go sail, surf, hike or enjoy the sunset, the wind and the waves, have good food and much more.
The staff of CZ-Fehmarn offer you something for your inner being, your soul. Holidays with God is our motto. Your precious time on Fehmarn can be the moment in your life, when you experience the love of God and find the way to a life that becomes a life in the fullness.
Come and join our open and welcoming fellowship. Sing and praise God’s goodness and love with us. Receive inspiring inputs for your life through relevant sermons and prayer. Open your heart and encounter the living God.
God bless you.