Life-Seminary: Discover life in the fullness.

If you are searching for a deeper meaning for your life, this seminary might just be the right thing for you. With the help of the Bible we search for answers to the big questions of life.(

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Faith Basics Class

Somebody who is sailing on a boat should know how to navigate in order to reach the destination. How do you navigate through your life?

Something you’ll need for sure: the right direction. Why don’t you direct your life towards God?

This will enrich your life. Millions of Christians have already experienced that. BUT: How does one get a connection heavenwards? How can one get to know God personally? What about this: Come to our faith basics class. In a good atmosphere we hear and talk about different topics of faith.

The 12 evenings in a small group will offer a great opportunity to get to know the essential elements of the Christian faith. We’ll simply have a look at the basic truths of the Gospel.

  • Departure into a new life
  • The beginning of a new life with God
  • What is the certainty of being saved?
  • To read God’s word and talk to Him
  • Why church?
  • How do I pray?
  • Hearing and doing
  • Recognize and manage problems
  • Who is God? Where do we know God from?
  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Holy Spirit – His person and work
  • The victorious life