Who we are

The “Christliche Zentrum Fehmarn (CZF)” is a church project of the Church of God Germany K.d.ö.R. with the headquarters in Urbach. They are the German branch of the international Church of God in Cleveland/TN-USA.

We belong the worldwide Pentecostal movement.

The Church of God currently exists in more than 150 countries. It therefore is one of the biggest worldwide Pentecostal churches. Our doctrine is based on the Bible alone and it has the evangelical creed as foundation.

According to our belief, born again Christians from all bible-grounded churches belong to the true church of Christ. In the CZF we celebrate God together, experience Him and get to know Him. We have caring relationships and grow together. We invest ourselves with our gifts and talents.



About Biggi & HaMi (Pastor of the CZF)

Our names are Biggi and HaMi (Hans-Michael) Borchert and we have been married since 1992. We have three great children. We both love flowers and books, the sea and people, hot chocolate, coffee and music.

Something, that is really special about Biggi, is her kindness and her readiness to help others. She is a great partner in conversations, listens carefully and has a fine sense of humor.

Something, that is really special about Hami is his openness and his good mood. He is very active and he enjoys to discover and support people. He loves to preach the Word of God clearly and understandable.

Biggi works as a nurse in patient care and Hami is a fire fighter on fire. In the chart below you can read about his most important qualifications.

From-To Position/Education/Activities Company/Univ./Organ.
1984-1987 Ausbildung zum Schiffsmechaniker Reederei J.A. Reinecke HH
1989-1992 Ausbildung zum Industriemechaniker

Maschinen- und Systemtechnik

Maschinenbau Schneiderwerk


1993-heute Berufsfeuerwehrmann

Div. Schiffspatente


Berufsfeuerwehr der Hansestadt


2010-2016 Lehr- und Ausbildungstätigkeit Schleswig-Holsteinische Seemannsschule
1995-1997 ILD-Studium Lübeck/ETS
1997-2005 Pastorenausbildung BFP Theologisches Seminar Erzhausen u. ICI-University
2005 Ordination zum Pastor Church of God(Cleveland)
2005-2013 Leitung Evangelischen Freikirche

Lübeck Salem-Gemeinde

Gemeinde Gottes Deutschland
2008-2014 Masterstudium M.Sc. Leadership ETS/Lee-University