With the time, this young man grew into a fervent atheist and adjusted his lifestyle to his godlessness. More and more he lost himself in alcoholism and terrible behavior. Finally, he sold his Bible in a pawn shop for some cash he could buy liquor with.

Despite his destructive behavior he became a successful physician and even became head physician of the biggest hospital in Edinburgh.

One day, during his shift, a terribly mutilated patient was hospitalized. Dr. Mackey was amazed at the peace this man seemed to have. First, the doctor tried to convince him, that everything was going to be fine. But the patient insisted in finding out how much time he had left to live. Finally, the physician said: At best three more hours.

Amazingly, the man said: I’m ready. I am saved and I am not afraid of dying. I’ll go to the Lord Jesus. Then he asked to bring him a certain book from his landlord.

Dr. Mackey instructed somebody to bring it. Then he continued his work in the hospital. But he could not stop thinking about the confidence that man had. Where did he possibly have that from?

Later he came back and asked the nurse, how the patient was doing. “He passed away some minutes ago.” “Where is the book he had asked for?” “It is still under the pillow, where he put it himself.” When the physician looked for it under the pillow he found a Bible. It opened at the first page and he saw his own name, the name of his mother and a Bible verse. It was the Bible, his mother had given to him, when he left home for college and that he had sold later on. Mackey hurried to his office with the Bible, fell on his knees and begged God for mercy. He repented over his sinful life and invited Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Later, he wrote a book with the title “Grace and Truth” and preached the message of Salvation to countless people.

Source: MacDonald W. (1997). Ein Gott der Wunder tut. CLV Bielefeld.