Behold, I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.

(Luke 2,10)

A royal baby

Once again there was great excitement, when the second “Royal Baby” was expected in Great Britain. Due to the experience from the birth of Prince George, the firstborn of Kate and William, only a very limited number of journalists were granted access to the hospital perimeter. Simultaneously, the merchandise business began to flourish anew: from pacifiers to Playmobil toys of the royal family, everything was available. “This birth again has a great economical impact for our country. We, the British, are crazy for royal offspring”, said a journalist from BBC.

When more than 2000 years ago in Bethlehem a royal baby was born, much was different. For pregnant Mary, who was supposed to give birth to the Son of God, there was not even a free room in a hostel, so Jesus Christ, the “King of Kings” was put into a manger. Imagine, the hospital in London had said to pregnant Kate: “We’re sorry, but there is no space for you.”

While in Great Britain, a huge number of presidents and important persons congratulated, little Jesus’ life was chased after. Yet, his birth, too, was subject to a great joy: In Jesus, the savior, who would one day carry the guilt of his people, was born. No one can expect the royal babies to pay the debts of their people. Hardly any “normal” citizens of Britain will ever have the opportunity to personally meet them.
Thank God, this is different with Jesus!

Up until today countless people have known him as their personal savior and experienced, how he changed, led and enriched their lives!

Can you be deeply joyful about the birth of Jesus Christ because you know him as your savior?

Take advantage of the Advent and Christmas time to think about God’s great gift to you.Source: Hasewend S. (2015). Leben IST MEHR. CLV Bielefeld